Profiplex offcers you all the services required for the sound management of your rental properties.

We also give ourselves the mandate to defend your interests before the Administrative Court oh Housing (TAL), formerly called Régie du Logement.  


Prepare the apartment

  • Renovate as needed 
  • Take professional photos 
  • Publish on social networks and websites  


  • Makes visits  
  • Investigate the potential tenant  
  • Contact its current owner and work  


  • Sign the necessary documents (Lease, regulations, etc.) 
  • Collect the 1st rent 
  • Delivery of keys and verification of the condition of the accommodation.  


Tenant Request:

[Recurring tasks ]

  • Receive call 24-7 
  • Open request (Tickets) 
  • Assign tasks
  • Follow-up  


[Weekly tasks]

  • Weekly Inspection 
  • Follow the seasonal work schedule 
  • Manage the building staff (janitor) 
  • Coordinate major building work 


[Monthly Tasks]

  • Collect and deposit rent 
  • Send notices to latecomers 
  • Make requests and execute TAL decisions 
  • Contact a bailiff in case of eviction  


[Annual Tasks]

  • Calculate the rent increase 
  • Renew the leases 
  • Send statements 31  
  • Close the fiscal year  


Daily Activities

  • Pay supplier bills 
  • Track operational costs (taxes, mortgage, insurance, etc.) 
  • Calculate management fees 
  • Reconcile bank statements 

Monthly Reports

  • Produce the income statements (income/expenses) 
  • Make the balance sheet by building 
  • Determine the rents to be received 
  • Provide the list of major works

Annual Budget

  • Analyze the customer’s needs  
  • Prepare the budget by the project 
  • Close monitoring of the expenses 
  • Completion assessment

In partnership with professionals such as accountants, notaries and lawyers, we assure you of the best quality of service. In addition, take advantage of economies of scale through our network of contacts in different trades.

Entrust us with the complete management of your building or only certain aspects that best meet your needs and let us maximize your profits.